Photo: an industrial application for one of Flowrite's dampersAbout Flowrite Industrial Dampers

Since 1980, Flowrite is one of the foremost damper manufacturers in the World. With a policy of continuous development, our range is always up to the minute in design, manufacture and operational reliability.

Flowrite damper units range in size from 80mm diameter up to 40 square metres in area with pressure differentials approaching 0.2Bar and operating temperatures up to 850°C. All Flowrite damper designs incorporate maintenance-free bearing assemblies together with stainless steel spindles for trouble-free operation. Lubrication, other than for some actuator models, is not required and this is especially important where access to the damper is limited.

Damper Actuation/Control
A wide variety of actuation systems are available including manual, pneumatic, electric, electro-hydraulic and discrete hydraulic. The manufacturer and type of actuator is often specified by the Client and we are able to incorporate almost any type into our damper design. Control units for accurate positioning of the damper are supplied, when required, as an ancillary item or as an integral part of the actuator. Where pneumatic equipment is utilised, failsafe spring return units are available for emergency operation in the event of supply failure. Also, air receivers or pre-charged accumulators are utilised, where necessary, as back-up supply to pneumatic and hydraulic actuators respectively.

Quality manufacturing is part of every Flowrite damper. Our policy is to ensure that the standard of equipment is commensurate with customer requirements. This is achieved by strict control of engineering and assembly procedures at our approved out-of-house manufacturing facilities.

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